I am delighted to be able to offer online support to both current and new patients via Tele-health appointments. You will be required to fill in a general health questionnaire before our appointment so I can be aware of any possible counter-indications and long term complaints. Our first session will serve as a consultation, with some initial guidance and acu-pressure techniques based on your specific presentation. This will be similar to how we practice acupuncture with bespoke treatment plans, the only difference will be that you will be guided through a treatment by a licensed acupuncturist.


Appointments may include...

Acupressure Guided

Moxibustion Nutrition

Breathing exercises

Gua Sha

Emotional resetting 'acupuncture without needles method'

Lifestyle advice

You may be posted (or choose to collect if local) items to support your care such as ear seeds or moxa to use in our subsequent sessions under video guidance and demonstration.


Items sent out via post may incur a small postage and packaging fee. Alternatively, if you are local you are welcome to arrange a 'socially distanced' collection from here at your convenience. You may choose to use an acupressure device when following the acupressure demonstration and that is absolutely fine. Otherwise, a firm pressure is perfectly adequate.


Please allow for 60 minutes for your first session, existing patients do not need an initial appointment and can select a 'follow up' appointment as your first appointment. No special tech is required, simply a computer or laptop that has a webcam and one that can access the internet.


There are huge benefits of Tele-health, you can safely continue your care without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You can relax straight after treatment, fully feeling the benefits of the relaxation. You will be able learn methods to support yourself and your health based on your individualised presentation. Payments are made online 48hours prior to attending the appointment, a follow up email will include any advice offered during the session.

Initial Online Tele-health appointment