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Muscle Comfort plasters are made of a soft, flexible cloth which can be worn comfortably on the skin. The plasters have a water-based hydrogel mix so are water-based with herbal extractions meaning they are not sticky like other, oil-based plasters. The hydrogel matrix feels cool on the skin and is packaged in foil sealed packets, to keep them moist. ------ The Phoenix Warming Plaster can be effective at helping with chronic pain, muscle pain and stress as the comfortable heat can soothe the nervous system, relieve tension and improve sensitisation. The warming plaster may also help with relaxing and loosening muscle whilst stimulating blood flow to help heal injuries. We recommend using the warm plasters when suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, muscular pain and even menstrual cramps. It is important to note, the warming plasters do not produce heat. Instead, the warming herbs in the plaster create a warm sensation. The ingredients include warming herbs such as; pepper, ginger and cinnamon and are therefore are great at improving blood circulation and helping with chronic pain and injuries.


6 plasters in total (3 packs of 2)


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Muscle comfort Warming Plasters | Back Pain | Arthritis Relief | Herbal Products

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