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A Journey to Parenthood: Overcoming Miscarriage with Fertility Acupuncture

Updated: Jun 12

A couple who experienced recurrent pregnancy loss,  joyously holding  their son

Victoria and James' story is one of hope and celebration. I was thrilled to have thier story featured in the European Journal of Chinese Medicine this year.

After experiencing the heartbreak of recurrent early miscarriage, Victoria sought out the support of fertility acupuncture to support her and her husband James on their journey to parenthood. Victoria chose to work with me due to my experience, specialist training and commitment to supporting women in their fertility journeys.

Victoria (42) and James (44) conceived naturally and they delivered a beautiful baby boy in January of this year

If you would like to read the article, find out their journey, acupuncture and what we did you can read the full article in the European Journal of Chinese Medicine here

And a huge thank you to Victoria and James for allowing me to share their story and bring hope to others navigating similar struggles.

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