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Please note, fees are payable upon booking and are subject to terms and conditions. 



New patient initial consultation, acupuncture and report  £200 

(also available online without acupuncture) 


  • 90 minute appointment, including acupuncture 

  • A written report with my findings and action plan to be emailed to you within 7 days of the consultation.


In our consultation, we'll explore your personal journey, covering all angles of your health and menstrual health. We'll review any tests you've undergone, as well as those you haven't, and together, we'll outline the best course of action moving forward. This session is a chance for us to delve into any factors that might be impacting your fertility journey, all in a collaborative and supportive space.


Following our session, you'll receive a comprehensive report summarising my observations and suggestions. This includes personalised lifestyle advice blending insights from both Chinese medicine and Western medicine viewpoints, along with any recommended tests and referrals where appropriate. 


This appointment includes an opportunity to try acupuncture (unless it’s taken as an online appointment) 


Following the consultation, if you're interested in starting acupuncture with me, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a 12-week package.



12 week acupuncture package £960

(only available after new patient initial consultation) 


  • 12 weekly acupuncture sessions in person 40 - 45 minutes 

  • All packages need to be taken within 18 weeks of the first session.


During our weekly acupuncture sessions, the primary focus is hands-on treatment. While acupuncture remains a staple in every session, I may occasionally incorporate other modalities as needed, such as cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, electro acupuncture, or far infrared treatment. The cost of these adjunctive therapies is included in the session price. If you happen to conceive during this period, the remaining sessions will transition to early pregnancy support to best accommodate your evolving needs.


Additional appointments £80

(only available after new patient initial consultation and package)


  • 12 weekly acupuncture sessions in person 40 - 45 minutes 


Sessions beyond the package will be individually charged in advance at a rate of £80 per session.



Additional online support (video appointment)

15 minutes £27

30 minutes £53


For those needing extra support beyond our regular treatment sessions, additional Zoom appointments are available. These calls are perfect for discussing test results or urgent matters that can't wait until our next session. Payment is necessary at the time of booking to secure your slot.



Returning clients 


If you are a previous patient and haven't attended in the last two years (hello and a warm welcome back!) You will require a new patient consultation so that I can get up to speed (90 minute new patient initial consultation appointment). And I look forward to welcoming you back.



Leicester road, Blaby, Leicester LE8 4GQ


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