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Terms and Conditions



Payment for our first consultation with treatment is due upfront, upon booking your first appointment, please make payment within 24 hours upon booking to secure your appointment. After the first appointment you may pay for follow up sessions at the time of each appointment. It is advisable to book ahead due to lengthy waiting times and demand for appointments.

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations, (including rescheduled and missed appointments) with less than 48 hours notice will incur the full charge of the appointment fee. Pre paid appointments will be forfeited upon late cancellation. Please email if you need to get in contact regarding appointments. 


Frequent Rescheduling

Due to a very limited number of appointments available and a lack of flexibility, my practice is not a good fit for patients who need to frequently reschedule. If your sessions are being negatively impacted, I will likely decide that a referral to another practitioner with greater availability may better serve you. 

Please arrive on time to your appointment

If you are late for your appointment, I am unable to allow your treatment to run over into the next persons appointment time, for this reason if you are late to your appointment, your appointment will still end on time which may reduce your treatment time.


If you are more than 20 minutes late, the appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged for a late cancellation as this is leaves insufficient time for our session. 


One to one appointments

My appointments are offered only on a one to one basis, thank you for your understanding. 


Additional Tests

Additional tests such as blood and semen analysis can be arranged which they may be recommended if appropriate for you, this is optional and you may wish to ask your GP for tests first to reduce cost. Additional tests are subject to additional cost, additional fees will be discussed prior to ordering.

Returning clients

If you are a previous patient and haven't attended in the last two years (hello and a warm welcome back) we will require a new patient consultation so that I can get up to speed with your health and circumstance (90 minute new patient initial consultation appointment). Thank you

Thank you for your understanding 

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