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Many have kindly provided testimonials so that others can see how traditional acupuncture has helped them. If you would like to leave a testimonial, you can now do so on our facebook page here or feel free to email any feedback to Thank you!

“I can’t thank you enough for all the advice and support you have provided un our journey to pregnancy! I honestly believe That everything we worked on / Investigated had a positive impact on our fertility. Not only did our fertility improve but having acupuncture sessions with you definitely helped my mental health as well!

I feel all the pieces in the jigsaw came together to result in our pregnancy, so for that there are not enough thank you’s in the world!”

"After a difficult year I wanted to better my chances to conceive and also look after my own wellbeing more and understand my options so decided to try acupuncture for fertility support. Claire was a wealth of knowledge and I was so shocked by the amount of information she gave to me which was invaluable never mind the service and feeling incredibly relaxed after our sessions. I would recommend Claire to anyone. She’s super supportive and always checks in. Now being 17 weeks pregnant I feel every step I took helped my body and mind get to this stage. I can’t thank her enough."

"Having acupuncture was the best thing I did, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, you will defo be seeing me when we try for baby no2!"

"Claire has been so much more than an acupuncturist to me. She has a vast knowledge about fertility and during our sessions she became a coach and therapist as well. I could tell she put so much thought into each of my appointments to maximise the benefits based on where I was in my cycle and IVF process. She used a variety of techniques making me feel like I was in the best possible condition - physically and mentally - to conceive. I’m now nearly 10 weeks pregnant with twins and can’t thank Claire enough for the role she played in making this happen. She really is a true miracle worker."

"Following a miscarriage, my body and my mind were all over the place. Claire put me at ease the moment we spoke on the phone. Every session made me wanting more and feeling great. After only 5 sessions, I'm back on track and couldn't be happier with a baby on the way. I cannot speak highly enough of Claire. Acupuncture treats the whole person body, mind and soul. I'm a new woman. I can honestly say I miss my sessions with Claire and I'll definitely be returning to maintain a healthy pregnancy."

"Thank you for being on our journey with us. We honestly don't think we would have baked our little bun without your golden brain and needle skills! You are fantastic and we lobe you!'


"I worked I was an Osteopath, now retired, I found her very thorough in her diagnosis and her knowledge of where to put needles to help. With her checking my pulses I found she was treating the whole body as well as my probplem. I go for my last session tomorrow and very grateful to Claire for her great knowledge of my condition. Marks out of 10, 10 of course, out of 100 yes 100. Highly recommended"

"Claire has helped me so much, her experience is invaluable. She has given me lots of helpful tips and her studies are so interesting to follow. It was well worth the wait for the appointment with her busy schedule and I can't thank Claire enough, she is amazing."

"Claire is a fabulous practitioner. Her treatment has proved to be more effective for me than other acupuncturists I have visited. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and always exploring new research and ideas to compliment her traditional acupuncture work. I would highly recommend her! She is also a lovely human. Thanks for everything Claire!"


"I simply can't recommend Claire highly enough. What her acupuncture has achieved in just three sessions has been mind blowing and also life changing. Thank you so much Claire for way exceeding any of my expectations!"​


"I have been to see other acupuncturists, however none are like Claire. From my first session I knew Claire was gifted and truly understood what I needed. Within no time at all Claire cleared the problem that others couldn’t. I enjoy every session not only because it really does help, but because Claire cares and explains in a wonderful informative way what she is doing and why. She is incredibly well educated in her field and I am put at ease knowing that I’m in the most capable of hands."

"I’m so glad I decided to give it a try as she has totally transformed me. I now only go monthly & although I don’t have any of the symptoms that I originally went for I enjoy it so much I will continue to go as it makes me feel so energised. Claire is great, so easy to talk to & passionate about her profession I would recommend her 100%"


" Claire has done what drs and physios have not been able to do for years!! Along with being a kind, genuine and nice person to talk to about life and problems with. Thank you claire from the bottom of my heart. I also recommend Gua Sha. If claire offers it as a form of treatment take her up on it. Its worth it."

“It still amazes me how Claire can tell exactly what my issue is just by taking my pulse! She is 100% professional and genuinely wants to help. Highly recommended!”


"I would like everyone to know that Claire has worked a miracle with me. I strongly recommend anyone with a problem to discuss it with Claire to see what she can do. Once again Claire many thanks :) Elaine"

"After my first session I felt a lot better in my self. She also made me feel very welcome and easy to talk to. Lovely lady thankyou Claire :))"

"Claire has worked miracles with me. What impresses me the most is how she always goes that extra mile for you. I highly recommend her, her passion for the treatment speaks for itself. Thank you Claire."


"Claire was brilliant. She absolutely helped pin point the problem area that has been bothering me for over 12 years. Finally with her help, my GP actually listened and noted my pain and I have now just had an operation with the NHS. I am now recovering. Thank you Claire. You are an angel."


"Hello. I would like to say a great thank you to Claire for healing me. Her therapeutic and spa like approach to acupunture was astounding. Within six weeks of sessions I was able to regain back to my normal self. This treatment really works. Claire is very professional and covers a variety of topics. Her treatment and focus of work is really designed to concentrate and make you feel better. Thank you so very much."


"Excellent, I can't recommend her high enough considering i was an acupuncture skeptic which I'm certainly not now."



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