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Fertility Support

Where ever you are on your fertility journey I am here to support you. The journey from fertility to family isn’t always easy or straight forward, working with a fertility support trained acupuncturist can provide you with the information, support and guidance that so many need when navigating the sea of fertility treatments.     

What makes us unique?


Our appointments are ‘one patient at a time’ private practice, giving your case my full attention.  As a British Acupuncture Council member you can be reassured that my acupuncture training is of the highest standard, I obtained my degree in Traditional Acupuncture from Oxford Brookes University. I am also a  fertility support specialist, holding an advanced diploma in fertility support from renowned lecturer Naava Carman in addition to countless CPD specifically in fertility and women health from worldwide experts.


Having suffered with my own fertility hurdles, I can relate and empathise with the emotional challenges that those struggling to bring a baby hope can face. 

I use an integrated approach to fertility using a combination of Chinese medicine, Western medicine testing, nutrition, lifestyle advice and insight into local resources and facilities I have become the practitioner that I so desperately needed years ago so that I can help to support you on your journey from fertility to family. 



After my first visit to Claire she drastically improved my hot flushes, improved my sleeping & I had a lot more energy. I’m so glad I decided to give it a try as she has totally transformed me. I now only go monthly & although I don’t have any of the symptoms that I originally went for I enjoy it so much I will continue to go as it makes me feel so energised.

Following a miscarriage, my body and my mind were all over the place. Claire put me at ease the moment we spoke on the phone. Every session made me wanting more and feeling great. After only 5 sessions, I'm back on track and couldn't be happier with a baby on the way. 

I have been to see other acupuncturists, however none are like Claire. From my first session I knew Claire was gifted and truly understood what I needed. Claire cares and explains in a wonderful informative way what she is doing and why. She is incredibly well educated in her field and I am put at ease knowing that I’m in the most capable of hands