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24k Gold plated ear seeds. These beautiful stress and anxiety busting ear seeds are placed on auricular acupuncture points to activate the parasympathetic nervous system; and being a sense of calm. Ear seeds can be worn for 3 days, and pressed during times of heightened need. 


Did you know that I used ear seeds to get through my wedding day, I was terrified! I also used them for interviews, social gatherings and many anxiety provoking events. It’s no secret that my chronic anxiety bought me to experience acupuncture 15 years ago and subsequently lead me to study Chinese Medicine. Occasionally, I still need my seeds! ⁣


Includes instructions and diagrams

✨ Ear Shen men to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. An acupuncturists number one ‘chill pill’ ⁣
✨ Gift Packs of 20⁣
✨ Now with first class postage in an small envelope. 


£29.99 now including free postage!

Currently out of stock

Ear seeds 24k gold plated

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