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Fertility Acupuncture in Blaby, Leicester

Claire Norton MBAcC


Licensed Acupuncturist 
Over 13 years experience 
in fertility and recurrent miscarriage

Fertility Support trained expert
British Acupuncture Council member

  Fertility Support    

I’m Claire, experienced acupuncturist and fertility support expert. I specialise in recurrent miscarriage and complex fertility cases using traditional acupuncture and personalised testing. 


Fertility struggles can be incredibly challenging. I offer personalised acupuncture in a supportive space. I want to empower you with an actionable plan to uncover the factors hindering your journey and enhance your chances of success.


I work with women to help to cut through the confusion and help to uncover what could be holding you back from getting and staying pregnant. Often, there’s so much that you can do to greatly improve your chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. 

As a fertility acupuncturist, acupuncture is an integral part of my strategy. Often, I use a whole variety of treatments in addition to acupuncture, these are selected specifically to your needs and include adjunctive treatments such as infrared, photobiomodulation, vaginal microbiome testing, electro acupuncture, gua sha, moxibustion, ear seeds, cupping and diet and evidenced based lifestyle changes that can improve egg and sperm health. 



I am a fertility detective, therefore testing is also an important aspect to my work, it takes out a level of guesswork and helps me to save you valuable time and money.  I work with each individual case to create an individualised treatment plan and I am able to recommend what is most worth your time testing. I’m often asked ‘why didn’t my doctor tell me this? I’ve learnt more here than I have my clinic’, my clients report feeling empowered and supported and look forward to our sessions.


I understand that fertility struggles can be heartbreaking, and it can feel as if your life is on hold, I want to give you back control and empower you on your journey.  That’s why I have helped hundreds of women to overcome fertility struggles and grow their family.


I can’t thank you enough for all the advice and support you have provided un our journey to pregnancy! I honestly believe that everything we worked on/ investigated had a positive impact on our fertility. Not only did our fertility improve but having acupuncture sessions with you definitely helped my mental health as well! I feel all the pieces in the jigsaw came together to result in our pregnancy, so for that there are not enough thank you’s in the world!

Claire was a wealth of knowledge and I was so shocked by the amount of information she gave to me which was invaluable never mind the service and feeling incredibly relaxed after our sessions. I would recommend Claire to anyone. She’s super supportive and always checks in. Now being 17 weeks pregnant I feel every step I took helped my body and mind get to this stage. I can’t thank her enough.

Claire has been so much more than an acupuncturist to me. She has a vast knowledge about fertility and during our sessions she became a coach and therapist as well. I could tell she put so much thought into each of my appointments to maximise the benefits based on where I was in my cycle and IVF process. She used a variety of techniques making me feel like I was in the best possible condition - physically and mentally - to conceive. I’m now nearly 10 weeks pregnant with twins and can’t thank Claire enough for the role she played in making this happen. She really is a true miracle worker.



Leicester road, Blaby, Leicester LE8 4GQ

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