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The Acupuncturist (poem

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

The Acupuncturist (poem)

February 19, 2016


 Today I was presented by a lovely poem which I just have been so excited to share (with permission of course), I hope you enjoy as much as I have…

The Acupuncturist

My friend has had a great idea

To calm my nerves and soothe my fear

To ease the flutter of my heart

He says there’s something I should start

The way to put the whole thing right

And make the future clear and bright

Is not with pills or double gins 

But more to do with spiky pins

A hedgehog massage springs to mind

A startling image that I find

A shade disturbing, too extreme

We need to find another scheme

And then after a say or so 

of puzzlement, I said I know

I’ll find an acupuncturist 

I’ve read somewhere that they exist

In arms and legs they’ll stick a pin

And set small fires upon your skin

They’ll carefully listen to your woes 

Then stick some more pins in your toes

But it that sounds a little rough

They’ll douse the flames, just say ENOUGH!!

And overall I think you’ll find

That underneath they are quite kind

They never ever make you squeal

They really want you just to feel

Not worse, or even just the same

But better than when first you came.


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